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Bounce Houses

Indoor Crayon Bounce House

Indoor Crayon Toddler Bounce House Rental Chicago

Whether you're an aspiring artist or a huge Elmo fan, you can scribble yourself a great time with the Indoor Crayon Bounce House!  With its smaller design and playful crayon artwork, this 10' x 12' bouncer is perfect for kids age 6 and under.  Because it is only 8' tall, it can fit in many large rooms or in a standard two-car garage.  Perfect for those cold, wet days, but it also works well outdoors!



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Crayon jump in the box theme, orange, purple, red, blue, and green colors, low-base entry and posted safety instructions, designed for indoor use but can be used outdoors, crayon artwork.


Additional Guidelines:


Setup Area (LxWxH):

     14' x 14' x 8'

Capacity Limit:

     6 Children

Participant Weight Limit:

     100 lbs

Total Weight Limit:

     1,200 lbs

Wind Speed Limit:

     25 mph

Power Requirements:

     1 Standard Electrical Outlet, 7 Amps

Other Special Restrictions:

     No children over 100 pounds.  No children over the age of 6.

Special Setup Conditions:

     If setting up inside, make sure garage door openers and light fixtures do not hang lower than 8'