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Bouncer Slide Combos

Mini Crayon Combo - Small Box

Mini Crayon Small Box Bouncer Slide Combo Rental Chicago

Scribble your way to fun with the Mini Crayon Combo!  This small-box version has a bouncing area, climbing ladder, tunnel, basketball hoop, and a 7'-tall slide.  It's 13' x 13' and 14' tall, making it ideal for smaller yards, but you should still measure for space!



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Traditional castle themed bouncer slide combo with crayon pillars, happy crayon artwork, climbing ladder, tunnel, and basketball hoop, red, blue, green, yellow, and orange colors, entry ramp and posted safety instructions.


Additional Guidelines:


Setup Area (LxWxH):

     15' x 17' x 15'

Capacity Limit:

     8 Children

Participant Weight Limit:

     100 lbs

Total Weight Limit:

     1,200 lbs

Wind Speed Limit:

     25 mph

Power Requirements:

     1 Standard Electrical Outlet, 7 Amps

Other Special Restrictions:

     No children over 100 pounds.  Limit adult and teen use.

Special Setup Conditions:

     The airspace above your setup location must be completely clear of branches, power lines, and any other obstacle less than 15 feet from the ground.