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Sumo Suits

Sumo Wrestling Suits Interactive Game Rental Chicago

Wrestle and body slam your way into fun with the Sumo Suits!  Step into the heavily padded suits and assume the roll of your favorite 500-lb sumo star.  This clumsy, yet competitive game comes with a 14' by 14' wrestling mat and is only as tall as the tallest competitor!



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Sumo interactive game with full-body suits, headgear, gloves, and wrestling mat, red, blue, and brown colors.


Additional Guidelines:


How to Play

     Two players strap on headgear and climb into the heavily padded, full-body suits.  Add the gloves, and you're ready to wrestle...or just knock each other over.  Beware - if you fall down, you might find yourself feeling more like a turtle on its back than an all-star sumo wrestler.  The person who remains on his or her feet wins!

Setup Area (LxWxH):

     15' x 15' x 7'

Capacity Limit:

     2 Adults or Teenagers at a time

Participant Weight Limit:

     250 lbs

Total Weight Limit:

     500 lbs

Wind Speed Limit:


Power Requirements:


Other Special Restrictions:

     Most children under the age of 13 will not fit in the suits.  Participants should be at least 5' tall.  Exceptionally large adults may not fit in the suits.

Special Setup Conditions: