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Interactive Games

Velcro Wall

Velcro Wall Interactive Game Rental Chicago

Launch yourself into a sticky moment of fun with the Velcro Wall!  Put on a Velcro suit, spring off the platform, and see how high you can stick.  This bouncy game is 13' by 15' and 12' tall, so be sure to measure for space! 



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Large Velcro covered interactive game, red, blue, and yellow colors, posted safety instructions, includes Velcro suits!


Additional Guidelines:


How to Play

     One enthusiastic player puts on the velcro suit, runs toward the wall, then springs off the platform in an attempt to stick as high as possible to the wall.  Believe it or not, sticking actually requires skill, and it's all about the launch.  Do it just right, and you stick.  Do it wrong, and you won't.  The person who sticks farthest up the wall wins!

Setup Area (LxWxH):

     15' x 17' x 13'

Capacity Limit:

     1 Teenager or Adult at a time, though a 2nd participant can suit up while the other sticks

Participant Weight Limit:

     225 lbs

Total Weight Limit:

     225 lbs

Wind Speed Limit:

     25 mph

Power Requirements:

     1 Standard Electrical Outlet, 10 Amps

Other Special Restrictions:


Special Setup Conditions: