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Carnival Games

Fun Mirrors

Fun Mirrors Carnival Game Rental Chicago

It will feel like you are in a fun house. With 1 fat mirror and 1 skinny mirror, kids will get a kick out of their weight loss and gain within seconds. A great addition to any party!



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Classic carnival mirrors stand 4' tall and 2' wide, rented as a pair, one fat mirror and 1 skinny mirror.


Additional Guidelines:




     All Ages


     Pair of mirrors

Standard Carnival Rules:

     Stand in front of the mirror and move around a bit as you morph into weird shapes.

Alternate Rules:


Setup Area (LxWxH):

     2' x 2' x 4'

Capacity Limit:

     2 Participants

Participant Weight Limit:


Total Weight Limit:


Wind Speed Limit:

     25 mph

Power Requirements:


Other Special Restrictions:


Special Setup Conditions: